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Mary & Missy Collection - Limited Edition

I wanted to take a minute to talk to you about the Limited Edition scrunchie collection, The Mary and Missy Collection. My mother, Missy, and her mother, Mary, are two of the most incredibly talented women I have ever met. (And how lucky am I that I get to call them Mom and Mamaw?) They both have been such inspirations for starting my boutique and wholesale company. I remember when I was young, every time we would go to my grandparent's house, my Mamaw had a new pair of pajama pants hand sewn for me WITHOUT a pattern! She was an incredible seamstress, and so is my mom. Unfortunately we lost my grandma to cancer back in 2007, and there has not been a day that I don't think of her. Truthfully, I have never seen my mom as hurt as when she lost her mom. Each time that I sew a scrunchie, I can feel my Mamaw here with me. 

A few months ago when I was visiting my parents, my mom let me go through some of her old fabric that was her’s and Mamaw’s. I felt so honored to hold fabric that my Mamaw had held. Seeing pieces that had cutouts of aprons, pants, and other items just made that moment so special. I could see the amazing mind thinking while she was creating each item. I knew that when I was creating this collection, it had to be something amazing. I hope that if my grandma was still here, she would think nothing less. 

The fabric used in the Mary and Missy Collection has been touched by 3 generations of women. Women who sew, think, collaborate, and are incredibly creative. I want each person to know that their scrunchie was a piece of my grandma’s fabric collection, and now, a little piece of her will be with each one of you. 

Cherish your loved ones, because you never know when the last moment is. I only wish my Mamaw was still here to see the businesses I am building. 

Thank you for supporting my business, and thank you for reading this today.

All my love,


Mary & Missy Collection - Limited Edition

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