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Article: Staple Pieces Make or Break a Wardrobe

Staple Pieces Make or Break a Wardrobe

Staple Pieces Make or Break a Wardrobe

You hear the word “staple” and understand it’s something you should have in your closet, but not exactly sure what staple means. If I am being honest, I feel like this is where I have lacked in my own wardrobe. I am constantly wearing the same outfit combinations because I don’t have a lot of staple pieces. But 2023 is the year we wear what’s in our closets!! So here’s what you need to know about staple pieces and what, in my opinion, are the top 3 pieces to have in your closet.

Staple pieces are pieces of clothing that can essentially be paired with a HUGE range of other items in your closet. These are normally single colored items, sometimes with some texture. In my opinion, staple pieces make or break a wardrobe. Going out for a girl’s night? Grab a staple piece, a top of your choice, jewelry and accessories and you’re good to go! Date night with your significant other? Choose that staple top with some leather pants and BAM! You’ve got a sexy outfit with your guy. No matter what the occasion, those staple pieces make it so easy to utilize your wardrobe to its fullest potential. And the pieces you never wear? GET RID OF THEM! But that’s a whole other topic…

So where should you start when looking for those staple pieces?

Staple pieces may not look the same for each person. Every person (especially girls) has a different body shape, so you really have to figure out what in these categories will flatter your figure the most.

My first category/staple item may come as a surprise. JEANS! Not only do you need to have multiple pairs of jeans, but multiple STYLES! Now, I am very guilty of the “I would never wear flare jeans” statement, but that’s so 2022. By having multiple styles of jeans, you will increase your outfit selection tremendously. Currently, my favorite styles of jeans are wide leg, straight/boyfriend, and this cropped flare/skinny style that I have never seen before in my life but I am HERE for it! These styles are all ones that depending on what top you pair with them, can be flirty, chill, fun, or casual. I am OBSESSED with the skinny flares right now. I don’t personally own any (like I said, I am slacking) but I need them like yesterday. They will be the new skinny jean, I am officially calling it. These pair perfectly with booties (tall or short), wedges, platforms, white sneakers, literally any shoe which is why I think they’re a great place to start when looking for new styles of jeans.

The second category/piece I think is essential in your wardrobe is non-athletic basic tees. This section is where I think has the most flexibility when it comes to colors and styles. There are SO many different types of basic tees out there from fitted, stretchy, cropped, boxy, to so many more. My advice here? Find one or two you love and buy it in every color. Obviously colors you will want to make sure to grab are black, white, brown/tan, and a off white. The great thing about these tees is they will literally be THE CORE of every outfit when you don’t know what to wear. You can even choose one of these tops, a pair of the jeans from above, and there you go! We carry a lot of great options for basics so definitely check those out on our website if you need help in that category!

Last but definitely not least is jackets. Jackets, outerwear even, is a huge category with a lot of different options. My advice here is to start with a cute denim jacket and a cute and neutral blazer. A blazer? Really? YES! We are becoming adults here and at some point we need to dress like it! Okay, blazers aren’t always for business attire now which is mind blowing. Blazers can be paired with biker shorts, leggings, pants, skirts, literally anything to make it *chic.* A good denim jacket can also be paired with literally all the above as well (except for jeans, please no denim on denim). 

The best part about getting these staple pieces into your everyday wardrobe? Choose something from all 3 categories and you have yourself a well put together outfit! Slowly adding more staple pieces to your wardrobe will make your closet feel wearable. We have a lot of great options at By Sydney Elise to get you started with how to build your wardrobe with these essential pieces! Check out our website to shop our in stock items. Also, follow us on Instagram and Pinterest @bysydneyeliseboutique for outfit inspiration!

As always, it is my pleasure to spread my wisdom…lol


xoxo, Sydney

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