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Article: BSEB Even Better than Before

BSEB Even Better than Before

BSEB Even Better than Before

WOW! What a year 2022 was. Honestly, there were times where I wasn’t sure how things were going to go. 2022 was challenging, exciting, emotional, and so much more than I could’ve ever expected. We felt the highs and lows of what a year could be, but here we are! Year 2 in business, and I KNOW this year is going to be even better than the last.

There are things changing for BSEB in year two, so I figured since I started a blog and all, it would be fitting to talk about how I am making BSEB even better than before. 

Shipping! Ugh, we all hate shipping. But the reality is, I am not amazon. Shipping is EXPENSIVE, especially for small businesses like myself. However, we are reducing shipping charges to a flat $6.50 rate for 2023. One of my biggest goals for 2023 is to grow our online orders as much as possible, and since shipping is such a headache, I wanted to lessen the load a bit. 

Collections, collections, collections. One of the biggest, well actually two of the biggest things I learned in 2022 is 1: I have an eye for pairing outfits together that you may not have thought of. And 2: We don’t always have something in store for you to create an outfit with. SO, all our clothing will be launched in collections moving forward. We will also have collection tags on all our products, so when you are shopping in store, you can see what items are in that collection. We want to make our shopping experience not only stress-free, but FUN! And I think this does just that (or at least helps).

Returns….another ugh. Returns aren’t fun for anyone, however, there are policies in place that will be enforced for 2023 and beyond. The 14-day period will be STRICT, with no exceptions. After the 14-day period, nothing can be returned even if all the other return criteria has been met. Let me explain why. Since we have such a high turnover rate and will be (hopefully) launching new collections every week by the end of the year, having old pieces being brought back in inventory when none of the rest of that collection is still present doesn’t really make sense and will be hard to sell again. 

Along with the not so fun topics, in store pickups will be required to be picked up within 5 business days from purchasing or the orders will be refunded and put back on the floor. This is just because we have a LOT of pickup orders and not a lot of space, so I can’t have large bags constantly sitting around for long periods of time. I am so happy to offer local store pickup, but not store pickup a month later. So if you know you can’t make it by then, please just pay for shipping!

I have been so blown away by our customers this first year in business, and I want to connect with you MORE! So, I will be working to have a monthly newsletter with all the new collections dropping and their drop dates, events we are having, and to just check in and say hey. Also, I will be sending out different promotions for our text subscribers to use that will be exclusive to them, and Facebook VIPs will have first access to launches, early sneak peeks, etc. So make sure you sign up for all the things so you don’t miss a beat!

And finally, last but not least, our new INCREDIBLE website!! I knew we needed to step up our game for our online presence, and HONEY is she pretty. I want our boutique to always strive to be the best, so learning new technologies, softwares, etc is essential to that. And baby did she get a facelift! I am so excited to continue to add new features to our website and for our small business to keep growing.


Thank YOU for being here, listening to me rant, and being my friend. I love you so much, and I hope this year is your BEST YEAR YET!

Xoxo, Sydney

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